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GreatNeck® 70001 16 Oz. Speed Strike ™ Hammer

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Part #: 70001

SKU# 70001

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Product Overview

Part # 70001

The GreatNeck® 16 Oz. Speed Strike™ Hammer doesn't just look like a beast, it performs like a beast. Thanks to its one piece steel cast construction and weight balance, this 16 Oz. framing hammer strikes with the force of 28 ounces. The hammer features a large checkered face, straight ripping claw for demolition, slip resistant hatchet handle to reduce vibration and fatigue, and a magnetic nail starter. With lighter weight and a faster swing, the GreatNeck® 16 oz. Speed Strike™ Hammer is your go to tool for getting the job done.

  • One-Piece Steel Construction
  • Large Checkered Face
  • Straight Ripping Claw for Demolition
  • Slip-Resistant Hatchet Handle to Reduce Vibration and Fatigue
  • Magnetic Nail Starter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Name GreatNeck® 70001 16 Oz. Speed Strike ™ Hammer
Part # 70001
Brand Great Neck
Weight 2.05 lbs
Warranty GreatNeck Limited Lifetime
Country of Origin CHN