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OEMTOOLS™ 24510A Replacement Sensor Tip for 24510 - 2 Pack


Part #: 24510A

SKU# 24510A

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Product Overview

Part # 24510A

If your OEMTOOLS™ 24510 A/C Refrigerant Leak Detector stops working, or is getting less sensitive because of aging sensor tip, you may need to change it to rejuvenate it! The sensor tip is based on electro-chemical activity of the sensor material in it. Using your detector over time will consume the chemicals in it and make the sensor tip inactive or getting 'poisoned' by over exposure. In that case, replacing the tip will make the detector like new again.

  • 2 Pack Replacement Sensor Tips for 24510


Name OEMTOOLS™ 24510A Replacement Sensor Tip for 24510 - 2 Pack
Part # 24510A
Weight 0.05 lbs
Warranty OEMTOOLS 90 Day
Country of Origin CHN