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OEMTOOLS™ 24470 Polypropylene Rotary Barrel Pump


Part #: 24470

SKU# 24470

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Product Overview

Part # 24470

The OEM rotary drum pump is a hand-operated pump constructed with a polypropylene body, Ryton (PPS Polyphenylene sulfide) rotor and vanes for resistance to chemicals. This pump is capable of transferring material at 11 Oz. per stroke (6.5 gallons per minute at 70 revolutions per minute) with temperatures up to 130 degrees F. Suitable for water based solutions of acid, alkalis and salt, some organic solvent, water and all petroleum products. Most organic acids, solvents, waxes, plating solution, detergents & water-soluble inorganic chemicals. Also suitable for water based chemicals in a variety of automotive, industrial and commercial applications.

  • Construction: PPS, PP, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Flow Rate: 6.5 Gallons per 70 Revolutions
  • Suction Tube: 2" Bung, 1-1/4" × 42"
  • Outlet Tube: 1"
  • Fits 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Drums with 1.25" & 2" NPT Bung
  • For Water Based Solutions and Petroleum Products
  • Intended Strictly for Use in Professional and Industrial Environments
  • Not for Nitric Acid
  • Not for Use with Gasoline
  • Customer Must Determine if this Product is Compatible with Material Being Pumped


Name OEMTOOLS™ 24470 Polypropylene Rotary Barrel Pump
Part # 24470
Weight 4.90 lbs
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty
Country of Origin CHN