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OEMTOOLS™ 24608 Accessory Kit for Multi-Use Li-ion Work Lights


Part #: 24608

SKU# 24608

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Product Overview

Part # 24608

The OEMTOOLS™ Accessory Kit for Multi-Use Lithium-ion Work Lights will ensure that you can hang, hook, or attach your work light to just about any surface and always have the light you need wherever you’re working – under the hood, under the counter, or out under the stars. An adjustable nylon strap lets you hang the work light right where you need it. Hanging hooks clasp securely to the back of the work light and pivot 180 degrees so you can position the light in any direction. Removable adhesive pads let you attach your magnetic work light to a non-metal surface (the pads attach to the light magnetically and are reusable). A pair of rubber end casings provide protection for the plastic ends of the light, the USB port and the On-Off button.

  • Adjustable Nylon Strap (#24653)
  • 2 Hanging Hooks that Clasp Securely to the Work Light and Pivot 180 Degrees (#24606)
  • 2 Removable and Reusable Adhesive Pads Attach the Work Light to a Non-Metal Surface (#24651)
  • 2 Rubber End Casings Protect the Plastic Ends of the Work Light, the USB Port, and the On-Off Button (#24650)


Name OEMTOOLS™ 24608 Accessory Kit for Multi-Use Li-ion Work Lights
Part # 24608
Weight 1.50 lbs
Warranty No Warranty
Country of Origin CHN